Metalco Fusione di leghe leggere dal 1977


Shell mould and ground casting, bronze, aluminium in strand casting (rods, tubes, flat and hexagonal),
mechanical workings based on technical drawings.

Our company, together with the collaboration with a specialised staff,
is consistently working for companies on the whole Italian territory, for casting processes from 800g to 30kg of aluminium, bronze and brass.
Thanks to our 40 years of experience in the field and to the continuous technical and professional improvement,
Metalco has gained a relevant position at provincial and domestic level, managing a wide range of requests.


Our plants allow casting from 800g to 30kg, using aluminium, bronze and brass alloys.
All metals are selected and certified, for the manufacture of different kinds of buckles,
gears, pumps, valves, helix, pieces of art and other items.


The robotic island has two casting furnaces, each one with 10 tons of aluminium, with temperature control and burner with self-regulation during the working process and a 400kg flip-open furnace.

The robotic island is composed by three machineries, two of them with two 1.800 mm openings and a third one of 1.200 mm.


his island is equipped with a fixed furnace of 800 tons bronze, with constant temperature control and burner with self-regulation during the working process.

Shell mould casting machinery with platform, 600mm opening with side and upper extraction and cooling tank.



Our foundry supports the customer in each single working phase, from the project analysis to the quality checks, carried out by an external lab.

We are able to supply the relevant certificates for metals at the beginning as well as at the end of the working process, through these checking procedures:

  • chemical analysis;

  • HB hardness analysis;

  • radioscopic analysis;

  • sealing analysis;

  • molecular structure analysis;

  • ultrasound analysis;

  • breaking tests analysis.